Buy high purity BK-EBDP Research Chemicals in china Mail:[email protected] skype:tinazeng8

Buy high purity BK-EBDP  Research Chemicals in china skype:tinazeng8
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buy BK-EBDP for sale research chemicals from china

BK-EBDP we always called ephylone which is a stimulant compound . that is similar effects to ethlone on reserch result .thus BK-EBDP is intended for forensic applications,and not intended for human or animal consumption .BK-EBDP ephylone is a legal designer chemical or research chemical, bk-ebdp is legit chemicals vendor and suppliers providing research chemicals for more than 6 years. buying fomr our will get a safe shipping and high quality guarantee , and this is where to buy best high purity and cheap price from china china the usa europe uk nederland canada research chemical sources. please don't hesitate to buy bk-ebdp ephylone from us .

BK-EBDP (ephylone) research chemical details

CAS: 8492312-32-2

Formula: C14H19NO3

Molecular weight: 249.310

Compound purity: > 99.7%

Appearance: Crystals

Synonyms: bkedbp, Ephylone, BK-Ethyl-K, BK-EBDP


Skype: tinazeng8

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